Monday, 9 February 2009

Ride It Under The GMEX!

Yesterday a few came out to bare the cold weather to gather and have a little fun underneath the GMEX. The car park is quite big with only two floors, but I'm sure the people who were there had a bit of fun trying out some new tricks and swigging a couple of beers.
We ended the night in the Peveril of the Peak which, i'm sure everyone who was there will agree was a torrent of emotions! enough said...

Oh and just to let everyone know, LEEDS FIXED GEAR VALENTINES ALLEY CAT - 15/02/2009.
Be there or just miss out on an amazing day out with some really good prizes up for grabs.
Questions to Sam on the above link!
we'll be doing the usual rideit thing of meeting at the GMEX at 11am sunday morning and getting the train from Oxford Road upto Leeds.
let us know if you're coming as we'd hate to leave anyone in the lurch!
ride safe and dont eat the yellow snow! ;)

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