Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Bikes, Chocolate, Sun...perfect

We went to Liverpool again over Easter!
It was one beautiful day!

The weather couldn't have been better and the turnout was really good.
it was a much more chilled out kind of day than our other races, i'm not sure why, but it just seemed to run seamlessly (except for the train driver at the start! treadmillists anyone?)

For the first few hours everyone just chilled out on the square behind Fact.
Then, when it hit 3pm we had a race...again it went really well except for Dan Horn nearly hittin a kid and bendin his forks totally out! but he's okay and so is the kid so its all good!


1: Doug
2: Ste Lowes
3: Chickin
4: Dixon
5: Gabe
6: Nick
7: Joe J
8: Arron
9: Simon Perera
12:Greg Slater
13:Joe T

Dan Horn-swerved a kid, fucked his bike up into a window, near miss panic attack!
Greg Farley- flatty stops play!

Track stand- Doug
Foot Down- Dixon
Skids- Chickin

After the race we watched a few bike films and ate chocolate!


Thank you to GBH, NOTE and FACT for sponsoring us.
Kent, Ciaran, Lei Mai...OH FUCK! i've forgotten who marshalled again!
i'm really sorry!
Last and not at all least, Heather C at Fact for asking us to help out!

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