Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Weekend of fun!

Ok, so this coming friday shows us the second alleycat coming from the depths of Cant Go Slo! I've heard from the horses' mouth (Nasty, himself) that this is going to be a small inner-city race with about 5 checkpoints going from carpark to carpark.. which means a lot of turning in circles up some dreaded slippery ramps. It's quite a late start at 8pm (7pm registration) but because of this, i reckon the streets will be more exciting to ride and the carpark stages will be very quiet!

£5 Entry means a lot of fun to be had.. Get down if you can!

Also, whilst I'm "blogging", I might as well say that this sunday is yet another edition of Ride It Sunday.. not to brand the fun and games..

Yes ok, me and liam haven't been on the full game of finding and going to pubs in Greater Manchester, but we are both glad that things have calmed down with the manchester scene, so to say, and we're still here and still having fun!

So be there this Sunday! Same as usual.. Food - Fun - Fixies and Free milk*!!

*Terms and Conditions apply

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