Thursday, 29 January 2009


We started the day by having a pre-ride through the tunnel so that everyone who didn't come on the recce knew what they were against. A nice amount of 25 people entered and raced against the clock. In the end though it was one swede that took the medal.

1st: Ben Staley 7:21
2nd: Richard Lambert 7:26
3rd: Aran 7:31
4th: Craig Nasty 7:36
5th: Hugh 7:50
6th: Alex Stoker and Doug Arnold: 7:58
7th: Phil Norman and Jonny Biles 8:00
8th: James Ward 8:01
9th:Gabe Stones 8:09
10: Dan Charnley 8:16
11: James Wise 8:17
12: Jon Cooke 8:30
13: Dixon 8:34
14: Daniel Horn 8:43
15: Daniel Cheetham 8:51
16: Britta Werna 8:53
17: Andy McCray 9:05
18: Adam Russ 9:11
19: Simon Pererra 9:19
20: Nick Twin 9:22
21: Saadat Mir 9:41
22: Dale 9:45
23: Dawson 10:03

After the race and to give everyone a little bit of time to relax, we all headed down to the pier head alongside the river Mersey, to have a few early beers and some tricks to boot.

Skid Stop Winner: James Wise
Track Stand Winner: James Wise
Foot Down Winner: Daniel Cheetham

After the fun had gone down and everyone had a bit of a chill, we then headed back to The Pilgrim for the after party.

Thank you again for everyone who came out for the days events and also to our proud sponsors who took faith in us to put on a good show. Also to Chicken and Kent for the tunnel footage/edit and their partaking in the days planning.

bike boutique:
lost art:

We're already planning the future and hopefully it will be something amazing to look forward to, so keep practicing and ride safe.


Dangeruss said...

More photos of the Pierhead session, mainly the skid contests can be seen at my Flickr page here:

Thanks everyone for a killer day out....

failingbikeshop said...

dam nasty and his carbon bike beating me!!!! haha.

Dangeruss said...

finally managed to put little edit together of some of the tricks session at the Pier Head... it's here if anyone wants to check it: